Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Project--Romantic Wrist Cuff

Seem to have had writer's block lately, so I have been filling in with creative projects.  The book will have to wait!  (Re-writes in progress.)  I needed some new items for my Etsy shops anyway, so here is one that I just completed and just listed!   A romantic wrist cuff.

I could use a young model!!  This cuff looks awful on my wrist--for picture that is!
 . . .ugh!
Even tho' I can't wear this one, I love making them!  I love the creativity!  And, just so you know, I do wear wrist cuffs.  I like a more simply styled cuff, and often wear one like this patchwork quilted one. It inspires my quilting work and reminds others of what I do!

Age shouldn't be a factor to pull them off, if you like them!   
Confidence and style is all that is needed!
Ever try wearing one?


Unknown said...

Beautiful cuffs! I have not worn them but bracelets are my favorite accessory, so I would probably like cuffs like yours too.

Memories for Life said...

Pretty new cuffs! I like the simple design as well. Great for all ages :)

sammysgrammy said...

I love both cuffs. I have a couple in my shop as well. And - yes - we should always wear something that we made and as we collect compliments on it - pass out a business card.

Malinda said...

I find myself passing up fashions that would look great on a younger woman, but accessories?.....bring them on! Your cuffs are beautiful.

Splendid Little Stars said...

so much lovely detail!