Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scheduled Craft Day!

I may have shown this picture before, because I was showing off a quilt/blanket that I made for my 27th grandchild about a year ago.  But this time, I want you to see my friend, Ritha!  She is helping me hold up the quilt for the photo.

My friend, Ritha, called me the other day to ask for a craft date!  She was scheduling her vacation days and asked me--yes, I said ME!--to spend two days crafting with her!  WOW!  I was flattered, and immediately said "Yes!" So looking forward to my June date!

Oh . . .  and here is a current picture of my granddaughter, Emmie (that quilt is hers!)

Have a great day!


Memories for Life said...

WooHoo...what fun! And what a cutie :)

Judy Nolan said...

Cute grandbaby, and beautiful quilt! I can only imagine the hours invested.