Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Wedding!?

Yes, another wedding!  My eldest son's two daughters were married within a month of each other.  I was enlisted to modify both gowns.  I did a post on the first dress here.  Now some pictures of the second dress alterations.

The gown needed to be smaller in the bodice.  I took up the underarm seams.  Here you can see that the continuous beading all along the top edge was removed to be able to sew up the seam (including the slightly pink beaded lace that has already been replaced in this picture.)

After two side seams and two top darts, all the beading was replaced--quite tedious!  Then because my granddaughter was nearly eight months pregnant she need more room in the tummy section. We needed to raise the bodice seam several inches. I could not take out all the lace and re-bead it--way too much work--and besides, I wasn't sure that I wouldn't demolish it in the process, so I made a second seam just under the lace. The two lower safety pins are my markers for where the seam need to be taken up. (Looks uneven, but really isn't. :)

I removed the lowest lying lace portions, and pinned them up so I could put the seam there.

Then after I finished the seam, I replaced the lace and re-beaded it.  It fit her perfectly!

See my hubby in the background?

Madison and Dylan

How does she look?


Memories for Life said...

Great job Grandma!! (and Grandpa)
Your grands are lucky to have you and your many talents. This looks like it was quite a task!

Duni said...

What a cute couple!
You did an AMAZING job altering the dress. I can just imagine how much work it was stitching those beads and pearls back on!

SarahBeth said...

Beautiful dress, and beautiful couple!

Natashalh said...

There's so much detail on the bodice. There's absolutely no way I would have tried to change that! Great job! I love her hair - it looks so soft and romantic. Very pretty.

Sarah Leonard said...

Gorgeous! I remember well the painstaking work that goes into beading a bodice from my days working in a wedding shop as a student. Well done you!


LanasArtStudio said...

Totally beautiful and bride is gorgeous!!!! Beauty is the details - and you done excellent job on that!

Splendid Little Stars said...

wow! impressive! How special that you worked on her wedding dress!
What a lovely couple!

Unknown said...
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