Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Blink!

You watching me?
I'm climbin',
I'm exercisin' and
growin' tall.

Don't you blink,
You'll miss the link
between childhood
and me.


Erika said...

Oh, my goodness! Don't blink is right. My daughter just walks off into that great big school like it is no big deal. Sometimes I want it to be a big deal because she is growing so fast:)


Memories for Life said...

It really happens that fast! We have a message saved on our answering machine from Jesse's oldest nephew...He was just starting to put whole sentences together...Now he's playing sports and teaching us about life!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

It's true. When they are little scamps you think they'll never grow up and the next thing you know, they did grow up. My "little guy" now towers over me at 6'3" and our daughter is already out of college. But they still need their mama once in a while!

Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams
Etsy Blog Team

storybeader said...

how sweet! {:-D

Judy Nolan said...

It's true that children grow up too fast. Cherish each moment! The year our son graduated from high school, I wrote this:


Offering him a cookie,
her palm cups a lesson.
She breaks it in two,
fingers gripping past and present.
Touch to touch,
age brushes youth with her wisdom.
He lifts the cookie to his mouth,
tasting history's ragged crumbs
and sweet morsels,
blending them
for a glimpse of his future.

© 2005 Judy Nolan. All rights reserved.

Kathleen said...

One of my favorite photographs is of my Dad kneeling beside their car. He has his hand out as he reaches towards me - I am running away. He blinked... and so did I!