Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween Clearance

Halloween is just around the corner, and I am making a costume for a client.  Fun!  I know that you might be decorating for the holiday! Everyone loves the fright, ghoul, and fun of dressing up and participating! 

I have several items that you might like for the sheer delight of a bargain!

I have one set of Halloween coasters left--the set with the zebra print (cute Halloween print on the reverse side):


And one Wizard of Oz pillow remaining:


One table topper/centerpiece for the Harvest season!  something that may delight your children year after year:


These must go!  Available in my shop here. Although it might be a little late for shipping times this year, (but maybe not).  Possibly the slashed prices on these few items will cause them to be a good buy to save for next year's celebrations!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Those of you who know me personally, know that I love scraps of fabric! I save all sizes of scraps

and I use them in all kinds of projects, so when I saw a similar art hoop with flowers on it,

I decided to use up some of my scraps!!!  Fun!!!


Available in my Abigail Jayne Art shop on Etsy.  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Over hill, over dale . . .

The other crisp autumn morning, I was looking at my old quilt cover and happened to see something

in the folds of the fabric that reminded me of an old song that I sang in grammar school .  Can you

see it?

Even if you don't see what I saw, 
aren't pictures of old quilts fun anyway!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Granddaughter's Wedding Gift

Recently I attended the wedding of one of my granddaughters. I worked on a quilt that I thought she

would like, since she likes romantic things.  This one had muted color and vintage doilies.  I was

very pleased with how it turned out and immediately got orders for two more of them!  Whew!

Although it is beautiful, I think that I am most proud of the free motion quilting I did on this one!

I have never before done an all free motion quilt!  It's not perfect, but was an accomplishment for me!

Whatca' think?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photo Summary Part 2

Well, we were up to May, weren't we?!  (Previous post here)  May was packed with fun in Puerto Vallarta, and a big disappointment that led to our moving.

May continued . . .

Beautiful blossoms . . . 

 . . .and my view from my apartment deck . . . before . . .

. . .  more than 20 trees were cut down!

Needless to say . . . I was livid!  Gave my thirty day notice! Found a new home---fast!

June - Not all was a disappointment . . . a new home, with lots of space for my new studio with lots of high windows for light!

Storage and a built-in desk . . .

with room for my desk trinkets!

More storage, trinkets and my books!

And best of all, hubby raised my cutting table to the correct height and so I could have lots of fabric storage underneath!

I realize it may look a bit cluttered but everything has its place and I have plenty of work area!  Yay!

Now for some projects--Next post!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photo Summary Part 1

Much has happened over the last few months, including a move to a new home! (Stay tuned to see my new studio!  Yay!)

A quick photo summary before I get back into the creativeness:

February trip to babysit this crazy crew of grands


New project!  Inchies!  (More in a later post)


Trip to the 'Old home place' with oldest daughter

May - Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

New cuff

Textile art!

Well, that's the first part, Part 2 -- next post!  
Click on my handiwork if you want to see a bit more!

Thanks for visitin'!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New quilt!

Remember that box of new fabrics that I got (told about in my last post)? With this cute Acorn Park--Aw Nuts fabric by Winthur Sempliner for Connecting Threads. 

 Squirrels and nuts and leaves in awesome colors!  
I couldn't resist!  Instead of finishing my UFO's, I started a new quilt with a new technique.  A technique that I have never tried before. 

It's a simple nine patch block that is then cut and re-arranged!  It eliminates the need to cut individual small pieces in three different sizes. 

Start by making a basic nine patch using charm squares (5 inch square).  I used the charm squares and interspersed them with a light yellow fabric--also cut into 5 inch squares.  After you have your block sewn, (no picture) then you cut it up!  First, cut in half (my block is lying on my ironing board--the silver background):

Then in half again, the other way:

After than, you re-arrange the smaller blocks into a pleasing arrangement: 

I then sewed all my nine patch blocks back together into the new arrangement, but adding a lattice strip about 1 inch wide (cut 1.5 inches for seam allowance) to fill the cut spaces and keep my colored patches from touching each other. 

After that I used larger lattice strips to separate each block. You can use whatever size you prefer.  The finished quilt top will look something like this (although this is not a good picture.  The yellow fabric is light and looks as if it has a pattern in this picture.  You can see the darker bedspread fabric slightly through the light yellow.  When quilted, the light color filling will make it look more like the solid yellow that it should be!)

This technique made quick work of the quilt top.  I can't wait to quilt it!

Whatca think? 

Friday, January 13, 2017

First of the Year UFO's - Unfinished Objects

It's the time of year to finish projects. I always take inventory of my UFO's at the first of the year. Last year I did this and finished quite a few of them, but then . . .I always add back to the "unfinished box" through out the year! Sigh! I thought I would share some of this year's UFO's:

Immediate project to finish is a flannel quilt for my first great grandchild--biological that is!  Can you tell that she is a girl!  This is Leighann Rose's quilt.  It's basted and partially quilted (as seen on the right side of the picture.  On the left side, you can see a small matching baby doll (or cuddle) quilt that I made from the remaining scraps.  Finishing the big quilt, hopefully, this weekend.  

This lap quilt top is finished but not basted.  I have the sandwich materials ready to go, as you can see on the left.   I call it floating squares.  The square centers are a nine patch of less than 1.5 inch squares!  I save scraps--any small piece that is 2" or slightly less goes into a baggie designated for this purpose.  I hope to quilt this one next!  

This quilt top, called '13 going on 30' (the name of one of the prominent fabrics in the quilt) is not finished due to a problem.  Ever had a problem with a quilt top?  I hope to resolve the issue and get it to the finished pile!

Then there is this one that I love:

Not the greatest picture, but my first hand appliqued project.  Pretty ambitious for me!  Not basted yet. Haven't chosen a backing fabric. And, then, let's not forget my embroidery project, when you talk about ambitiousness! 

I am attempting to embroider a foggy landscape which involves monochromatic threads and a lot of thinking on my part!  Wish me luck! 

Oh . . . interruption!  A box just arrived, let's see what is in it:

You guessed it!  Quilt fabrics and thread!  I will blog about what I have planned for this set in another post!  

What do ya think?  Got any UFO's at your house?