Thursday, October 2, 2014

Embroidery Project

I seem to be in quite a sharing mood!  Creativity is flowing and I love to share!  How about you?

I started this little hoop with a wheat motif, but I have become stumped. It needs something . . . .

Thinking that I will need another color to offset the design . . . maybe . . . .

Lots of choices of color . . . 

Sometimes when I get stuck on a project, I put it aside and leave it alone for a while.  When I come back to it, sometimes I have a new idea.  Sometimes I don't, and it sits a while longer . . . .

Any ideas?  Ever gotten stuck on a project?  What do you do?  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Design Mistakes

Ever made a design mistake or not been happy with a finished project?  I know you have! All of us creatives have done it!  Usually the project gets left in a box somewhere unfinished and unloved.

I recently made a mistake that resulted in a new way for me to produce one of the staples of my business!  Hooray for mistakes!!!!!  I mostly make aprons for wholesale clients.  One of my buyers wanted some autumn aprons.  So, when I was working on a child apron, I chose a bright yellow stripe accent fabric for a darker leaf print which highlighted the yellowing leaves.  But the mistake came when I was finishing the apron, like I usually do, with bias binding.  I have finished aprons with bias binding for a couple of years now,  instead of using a facing which adds a lot more work to the project.

Sample of my previous style - Great if you want to emphasise a certain color: (Note the edging)

But this autumn apron body just didn't work with a framing of yellow.  I didn't like the look of it!

 so I decided to rip it out! 

Then I used a simple fold over hem with a decorative stitch--Hope you can see it in this photo:
(P.S.  Don't look at the ugly underside attachment of the tie--it's ugly and I ripped it out!)

Voila!  Here is the finished apron! I think it has a cleaner more finished look and I like it much better! I have since used this finishing on other aprons and find that  I prefer it.  My new line of aprons for 2015 will all have this finished seam!  Funny how a design flaw can reap a new style!

Any thoughts?