Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Baby Quilt

Easter morning

Some time ago, I was asked to make a blanket and crib skirt for my newest grand baby, Emriella Abigail. (Em-ree-L-a)

Eldest Son, Don and family

I finished the blanket/quilt and I'm working on the three layer ruffled crib skirt.  My DIL, Shirley, picked out the fabrics -  she likes bright colors.  Their family picture on Easter is at the right.

Here is the result of the quilt!

Quilter friend, Ritha and I 

Everything is designed around the bright print 

Backing is soft flannel

Free motion quilted and trimmed with satin blanket binding

Free motion quilting continues the print design

Of course, a little tag "Made with love by Grandma"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Apple Blossom Time

Wednesday are devoted to Photography

Bee quick!  Not quick enough to get him in focus!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Textile Art

Welcome!  A new feature here  on Tuesdays:  Tuesday's Textile Art!  

Fray!  Fray to your heart's delight!

Part of my previously utilitarian persona was to have all loose ends tied up!  You know the old saying: "Everything in it's place and a place for everything".  In my sewing, this took the form of finished seams, and a tailored finish.  But, in allowing my inner creativity to emerge, I experimented with letting the ends stay loose! Even fraying them for a new effect!

Making this wrist cuff from an easily frayed satin fabric was a new venture for me.  And it is not cut on the straight grain of the fabric, either, as you can plainly see in the next photo.  Sewing students were always taught  to cut our pattern pieces on the straight grain of the fabric, unless we wanted to get stretch in our particular project.  But when one is doing art, textile art, especially a small venue project like a cuff that is quilted and stitched everywhere, one does not have to worry about the fabric stretching.  You can use the cross grain to enhance the fray process!  What fun breaking 'out of the box'!

I have had many comments on this cuff, since I added it to my shop.  You can see more pictures here.

What have you done creatively lately, that breaks all the rules and breaks "out of the box"?

Monday, April 21, 2014

a Basic Creative Person

Recently I rearranged my business and blogging life.  Most of my crafty business posts were in another blog, which I am now changing with a new URL, to an exclusively wholesale site for the promotion and sale of my custom logo aprons.  Thanks to all of you who have followed me on that blog for more than four years! (If you were a follower there, please consider following this blog--Thanks!)

Although I have had this blog since early in January 2011, it was basically devoted to my creative writing and my art.  But life has changed my focus and now I am revamping this blog to handle all of my art and craftiness!  I am a complex person much like this little pillow that I created to represent myself:

 I love many forms of art and many mediums with which to create--beads, buttons, lace, trims, embroidery, applique, patchwork, paper, watercolor, etc.  Basically I just love creating!  So this blog from here on will be all inclusive of my various interests.

Yes, there will still be displays of my art.  

Yes, there will be some creative writing, that is just who I am! 
I want to say authentic to myself.  (For my writing, check out the tab at the top of the home page for 'Small Stones'--short little creative writing bits, or-- for an ongoing story: 'Abby's Story'.)

So, on with the adventure!  Hope you will follow me to see what creative thing I am working on and hopefully, gain inspiration for your own creative endeavors!!!